Photo by Abram Sanders

The American synth-pop band FUTURE ISLANDS unveiled a music video for the single Grease from their current album On The Water.
No, this song is not dedicated to the popular musical film Grease – maybe a disappointment for a few people, but you should beglad about it: The song itself doesn’t need to be any kind of homage – it is perfect on its own. Samuel T. Herring’s voice knocked us out again. Grease sounds slightly sad and thoughtful and the warm and furry synth sounds invite to dream and relax.
The video-clip shows the life of touring musicians in another way than most of the artists. The video for Grease is melancholic and reveals the donkeywork that is behind the glamorous façade of being a musician. Last but not least, the moodiness of the song gets underlined by the use of black and white…


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