Okay, this news was quite a surprise after we heard it this morning – the legendary Canadian post-rock veterans GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR have just announced a new studioalbum – the first one in ten years! After the tour for their 2002 record Yanqi U.X.O. the influential band around Efrim Menuck, Mike Moya and Mauro Pezzente went into radio silence. But after a live reunion two years ago there was certain hope that the comeback might result in new material. And now here it is in the form of ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND! – four songs in forty minutes. Two of the tracks are twenty minutes long, while the other two are six-and-a-half minute drones. The record will be released physicly on October 16th via Constellation Records but is also available on the just started world tour by the group. And the top of it all – here is a full album stream of it. Post-rock fans – what do you need more?


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post-rock / experimental / ambient
from Montreal, Canada


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