GravenhurstBritish singer/songwriter Nick Talbot aka GRAVENHURST is back with a new videoclip for Circadian, the opener of this year’s longplayer The Ghost In Daylight. And if you didn’t check out this record yet, you are invited to do so. Even we were a bit too late with it. But, you know, sometimes in tha haze of all the new records we have to oversee it might happen that we forget a good one and this is definitely the case with The Ghost In Daylight. Beautiful melancholic record, carried by Talbots magnificant voice and songwriting. ‘Mea cupla!’ to us for almost missing this lovely longplayer. And if you need an argument too, here is GRAVENHURST‘s lovely new music video?

Since the clip is unfortunately not viewable in Germany, all our readers there can enjoy this lovely live video of the song as compensation.

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rock / folk / indie
from Bristol, United Kingdom


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