Image by Karla C.

The british newspaper The Guardian described GRIMES music with the following words: “By sounding a little like everything you’ve ever heard, the whole sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard.” We absolutely agree with that.

When we first saw the video for Genesis, we expected some though rave, because the people in the clip really look like that. Instead of rave, we got some music sounding a little like the soundtrack for an anime from Japan mixed with a little dubstep. GRIMES extraordinary vocals don’t sound like English, but we can assure you that they are.

In the video the Canadian Claire Boucher – aka GRIMES – dances with a sword, a torch and a medieval spiked battle flail. Why? We don’t know. Furthermore, the girls in the video are showing some rave-like dance moves, so, we weren’t completely wrong. It is always good to open up for something new and different – therefore, give the experimental music a listen and take a look at this fantastic video.

German fans can have a look at the video here.


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experimental / wave
from Montreal, Canada


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