GRIZZLY BEAR are currently one of the most talked about bands I can think of. Since their enthralling new release Shields, the Brooklyn-based indie rock ensemble is being glorified from all corners – and we can only follow up this legitimate hype. Their latest effort is a video for their Shields cut Yet Again, which was directed by Emily Kai Bock. The lovely clip opens with a female figure-skater twisting and turning alone on a dark ice rink, and then depicts her personal journey after cracking through the ice and falling into a murky lake. It’s such touching scenery when she wanders from a carnival to the woods, all the time having this sad expression in her eyes. When she finally comes back to a suburban home, all her suffering and grief unveil in a dizzying scene of mental conniption. Watch this beautiful masterpiece of song and video artwork here and join our enthusiasm for this great band:


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indie rock / neo-psychedelia / experimental rock / indie folk
from Brooklyn, New York, US


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