Original Photo by Ingo Polster

How sad would it be if artists sometimes stopped being fans and passionate music lovers as well? There would be a lack of inspiration and countless missed moments of love for the sound and emotion this unique form of art creates. Musicians should always stay fans – and Hamburg-based electronic duo LA BOUM FATALE clearly are the type of people that as wider radius of infulences as you first might guess.

Although their first singles – released on high quality German label Sinnbus – tend to be rashly classified as simple, although catchy electronic pop songs, there is clearly more to this than meets the eye. It’s a certain darkness, a weird undertone and a will to combine these catchy melodies with experimental moments. LA BOUM FATALE have their own personal, inviting way to show this. The two bandmembers Antonio de Spirt and Levente Pavelka first met each other during their studies of media technology back in 2010. Looks like musical love for the first sight.

And NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to have the duo giving some love of this love back to you, the readership, as they host this week’s exclusive NBHAP Guestmix. It’s a very unique mixture of the band’s favourite artists. Antonio de Spirt about their “No Hope, Just Passion” mix: “It’s some sort of radio show with tracks that influenced me and which I just like. The field recordings work as hosts for the show.” It includes a lot of rarities, for example a previously unreleased LA BOUM FATALE track named Harry. Other artists are hungarian producer 9B0, a pen pal from de Spirit or label buddy EINAR STRAY. A lot to discover and a journey worth taking – download it here and listen to it below.

01. HYBRID – This Is What It Means
02. PETTER – Less Exciting
03. M83 – *
04. recorded somewhere in Amsterdam
05. LA BOUM FATALE – Harry
06. FUNKSTÖRUNG – Play Pause
07. 9B0 – outofwords
08. POLARKREIS 18 – Ursa Major
09. TRIFONIC – Terminal A
10. recorded somewhere in Hamburg
11. TRIFONIC – Terminal B
12. SIVA. – Gift Of Reading Palms (Recomposed by Christian Schoefer)
13. APPARAT – A Violent Sky
14. recorded somewhere in Beijing
15.EINAR STRAY – Teargas Plateglass
14. recorded somewhere in Beijing
15. HIGH HIGHS – Bridge
16. TRENTEMØLLER – Neverglade
17. SDNMT – G.Ranulat U.Nd Z.Ehren, Y.All