Photo by Antje Taiga Jandrig

Sometimes life feels like nothing else than a big journey. A constant one between different places, unknown future, past memories and the opportunity to meet a lot of people along the way. English singer/songwriter WILL SAMSON can sing a song about this feeling. Or better said – he already did in the past with the tender melodies and stories of hits first two releases – Hello Friends, Goodbye Friends and Balance – last year. Currently based in Berlin, this man is clearly restless – and we love SAMSON for this fact. Which makes NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION even prouder that the musician took the time and contributed his very own exclusive guestmix for us.

And not only this. Since this mix is quite special for WILL SAMSON himself we just let him write his thoughts on each and every track in his own words.

“Dear Friends of NBHAP, here is a collection of songs (old and new) that have been flowing through my headphones lately. I hope that they will bring you a little bit of warmth during these cold February temperatures we’re in! Love, Will”

01. JON BRION – Phone Call

A miniature piece of music from a magical soundtrack that perfectly accompanies the beautiful film it was made for (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). These little songs have remained a big inspiration ever since I started recording solo music.


02. BOARDS OF CANADA – Left Side Drive

An act that needs no introduction and the perfect soundtrack to long distance drives in Summer evenings (by this time of year, it’s always hard to remember a time when it was possible to feel some warm sunshine on your skin! Don’t worry though – Spring will be here before we know it). The production on this track is just mind blowing – a testament to the wonder of sonic joy.


03. MESSAGE TO BEARS – Everything Was Covered in Snow

Over the years, I’ve seen Jerome’s (the man behind MESSAGE TO BEARS) fan-base quietly and steadily grow more and more. Without the backing of any big budget promotional strategies behind him, it seems to have been very natural, simple word of mouth growth –  a beautiful thing, and quite rightly deserved.



I’ve never actually heard the original song, but this remix from THE GENTLEMAN LOSERS is so good that it has a lot to compete with! These Finnish brothers record with a wonderful array of analogue equipment, which makes for some serious magic when it comes to production sound. Be sure to check out their original compositions too.


05. BALMORHEA – Pyrakantha

On BALMORHEA‘s latest LP, they have chosen to step away from the predominately acoustic driven sounds of which they became known for. However, they still retain this unique ability to paint glorious and vivid sonic images through their minimal, but powerful pieces. They also happen to be one of the loveliest groups of people you could ever meet!


06. OTHER LIVES – Tamer Animals

I went along to see OTHER LIVES in Berlin last year, after being offered a free ticket. I entered the venue having only briefly heard a couple of songs the day before and not really knowing what to expect – but left having experienced one of the most captivating and inspiring lives acts I’d seen for a long time.


07. DEBUSSY – Clair De Lune

If this piece does not succeed in melting your heart, then you should probably see a doctor.


08. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY – Postcard From 1952

Masters of melody. Throughout a stream of consistently great releases, these guys have truly perfected their art.  This track from their last record is a reminder as to why they are so deeply cherished by many.


09. DEVENDRA BANHART – There’s Always Something Going On

An understated (early) song from the great DEVENDRA BANHART. This was the first song of his that I  stumbled across, and instantly become a fan upon hearing the first few seconds of it. It’s basically just two chords the whole way through, yet it’s still somehow mesmerizing. This song will always have a special place in my heart. I just wish he would let me join his band.


10. JÓNSi & ALEX – Sleeping Giant

Similarly to BOARDS OF CANADA, the début album from JÓNSi & ALEX is an incredible display of production skill, intertwined in some heart achingly beautiful ambience – and happens to be one of my all time favourite albums. You can really hear that these songs were created in the midst of a romantic relationship – they just shine with such love and intimacy. Put on your headphones and prepare yourself for some deep sea diving through musical sunshine.


11. NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN – Aj Rang Hai Hai Maa Rang Hai Morey Mehboob Ke Ghar Rang Hai

By this time, you will be coming to the end of this mix, so it seemed like a perfect time to surprise your ears with something a little different. I picked up this NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN album in India last month (I had a few more rupees left to spend on my last afternoon in Delhi and happened to pass a little music stall), and have been listening to it so much since, that it simply couldn’t be excluded from this mix.  The raw emotion throughout this performance is undeniable. Powerful stuff!  Apparently JEFF BUCKLEY was a huge fan…it’s easy to see why.

Edited by Will Samson