Dear friends of indie music, dear friends of post-rock music,
we have good news for both of you. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION will present this years editions of the IMMERGUT FESTIVAL (Neustrelitz, Germany) and DUNK!FESTIVAL (Zottegem, Belgium).

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Without any doubt, DUNK!FESTIVAL is the festival in Europe for lovers of post-rock and atmospheric music. Long-time heroes MASERATI and I LIKE TRAINS will be there as well as PG.LOST or beloved companions like BALMORHEA, ARMS AND SLEEPERS or JOY WANTS ETERNITY. But still, there are a lot of young and promising bands from all over Europe (and all over the world) left to explore.

Find all information on DUNK!FESTIVAL 2013 on the info page (just click here).

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IMMERGUT FESTIVAL is a classic and it has it’s own tradition, far away from the masses on giant festivals. A small and lovely festival, that you can visit with your friends without getting lost after a 30 minutes walk from one stage to another. It is also one of the first open-airfestivals of the year and so it is the perfect start for everyone who likes to begin the open air season a bit more relaxed.

Find all information on IMMERGUT FESTIVAL 2013 on the info page (just click here).


What both festivals have in common? Both are about beauty, about friendship, about great music. Both come from the bottom of the organizer’s hearts and both are driven by NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.