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There might be only a few terms that have been used, redefined and discussed about in the past years as iflationary as ‘indie’ has been. Once a a definition of distribution, later a movement in terms of the ethos of independent musicians, then – out of the sudden – an own genre to define new tendencies in modern pop and rock music. And today – we don’t even no exactly what ‘indie’ is anymore, it seems to mean nothing and everything at the same time. Well, looks like the perfect starting point for the second installment of our new compilation series “Nothing But …”.

But before this we’d like to thank everyone outthere for the enormous positive feedback we got for our first compilation Nothing But … Synthgaze. Thank you for all the downloads, streamings, the spreading and the kind words – this means a lot to us but also to each and every artist who takes part in this tiny little project from one group of music lovers to another.

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But back to this months topic. Why did we chose indie? And indie-pop especially? Well, first we wanted to represent the full diversity of NBHAP with turning in a total different direction than the first sampler and second – we just like this sound, these bands and we don’t want to take our little categorization to seriously. And pop is pop. Probably everything’s pop once more than a handful of people enjoy it. And this is the case with these bands and songs – or at least it should be. And we desperately want to help this groups to get the attention they deserve with their catchy melodies, harmonic sounds and tiny little hits. And maybe this is the ‘pop’ aspect of this selection. These thirteen songs are different within each other – some are a bit more folky, some a bit more surf pop. Others are a bit more atmospheric and don’t have any intention in hiding their 80s references. But all got the key elements original independent music got – the origins from new wave and lo-fi garage, the ability to combine this attitude with the love for a good pop melody. It’s irresistable and just too loveable to ignore.

We are happy to present you a fine selection of various new- and not that big yet – groups whose music we’d like to share with you. From the spheric pop moments of German newcomers ME AND MY DRUMMER, to the loveable lo-fi surf pop of groups like SEAPONY and PURE BATHING CULTURE to the pure retro pop of WORK DRUGS or GOSSIP CULTURE – a colourful selection of new music. If you fall in love with some of the groups please support them in any way you can – buy their songs, their shirts and visit their shows. Spread the word about them, us and – most of it – the music. We wish you a maximum amount of joy!

Full tracklisting of NOTHING BUT … INDIE-POP:

01. SOUTH OF FRANCE – Tribeca
02. ALPACA SPORTS – I Was Running
03. YES CADETS – Le Mans
04. TALKING TO TURTLES – Grizzly Hugging
06. WORK DRUGS – License To Drive
07. THE FRESH AND ONLYS – Presence Of Mind
08. SEAPONY – What You Wanted
09. GOSSIP CULTURE – Whispers In My Ears
10. ME AND MY DRUMMER – Heavy Weight (Edit)
11. IN GOLDEN TEARS – Urban Emotions
12. SWIM DEEP – Beach Justice
13. GARDA – Vessels