Photo by Fredrik Rollman Photography

CAUTION: The following video contains content that some viewers may find incredibly awesome! We recommend you not to watch it if you’re head over heels in love with modern post hardcore, especially those tunes of the Swedish burner act INTOHIMO. Further you better ignore the video in case you dig coastal and rough landscapes, for it features extremely authentic shots and the scenery is simply stunning. Well, we’ve done our best to warn you sufficiently, but if you’re still willing to take a look at the brand new video for INTOHIMO’s single Northern Lights pt. 1, we won’t prevent you from doing so. This amazing single is taken from their album Northern Lights out on October 14. While we’re still trying to recover from this blast, again be warned before you click the play button: you will live to rue it… NOT.


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screamo / post hardcore
from Jönköping, Sweden


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