Johnny Marr - Photo by Carl Lyttle

Photo by Carl Lyttle

A while ago the legendary guitarist JOHNNY MARR announced the release of his first ever solo album The Messenger, now he’s premiering the the video clip for its title track. The debut record by the man who was responsible for forming THE SMITHS together with MORRISSEY back in the early 80s will release his first solo output on February 25 next year. In the past MARR also played with bands like MODEST MOUSE , THE CRIBS or PET SHOP BOYS, so it’s not like he’s been lazy in the past decades. The beautiful black and white video clip for The Messenger gives a detailed expression of what music we could await from JOHNNY MARR – melodic and catchy indie-rock at its best. No surprise but, well, we were actually not really wishing for one. Check the video out right here.


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indie / rock
from Manchester, United Kingdom

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