The Knife - Photo by Elin Berge

Photo by Elin Berge

It is a news many music fans all over the world have been waiting for – the Swedish siblings THE KNIFE finally announced the release of a new studioalbum called Shaking the Habitual in April 2013. It’s been almost seven years since their last longplayer Silent Shout. In the past years Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer – the two heads of THE KNIFE – only released their mysterious opera project Tomorrow, In A Year back in 2010. And especially Karin was quite famous solo with her alter ego FEVER RAY and by collaborating with RÖYKSOPP. How time flies – the two formed their band already thirteen years ago. THE KNIFE really create a unique sound – floating anywhere between electronica, pure techno and avantgarde sound structures. Verily not easy to categorize. The duo also made a teaser for Shaking the Habitual. Unfortunately the video just features some abstract pictures and a minimalistic sound. Surely THE KNIFE wants to keep their fans in suspense. And they definitely achieved this with this mysterious teaser.


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electro / techno / avantgarde
from Stockholm, Sweden

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