Men - 2012 - by Allison Michael Orenstein

Photo by Allison Michael Orenstein

In an act of solidarity for the imprisoned members of the Russian riot girl punk band PUSSY RIOT, Brooklyn-based dance band and art/performance collective MEN have released a new song entitled Let Them Out Or Let Me In. The duo’s JD Samson – LE TIGRE associate and cult icon – has been an active member and representative of the Free Pussy Riot movement, recently also supporting the fundraising ebook “Pussy Riot! A Punk Prayer for Freedom.” The video shows the now highly recognizable images of the anti-Putin protest, as well as the detained trio Masha, Nadia and Katja in a cage in court. The catchy lyrics “This is a revolution / And together we will win” and the rhythmic beats of the song come along rather unemotionally and therefore imprint themselves in the mind even more, since the fact of the three women’s imprisonment is still devastating. Its release comes the same day as the announcement that the women’s appeal hearing would be postponed to October 10.


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electro / dance
from Brooklyn, NY, US


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