Photo by Spencer Krug

MOONFACE is the indie rock band from the Canadian Spencer Krug. Mainly, he is a singer, songwriter and keyboardist. Furthermore, he plays the guitar, the accordion and the kick drum. All in all, a very talented guy. Because of his performances with several Canadian bands, like WOLF PARADE, SWAN LAKE or SUNSET RUBDOWN, he acquired a lot of credits on some releases.
His second album is called With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery and contains the single I’m Not The Phoenix Yet. The single is characterized by the strong beat of the drum that draws through the whole song and an engraving keyboard sequence in the chorus.
The video features a woman training very hard and we have to say that this song qualifies indeed as a kind of workout-song, because of its fast rhythm.

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indie rock
from Montreal, Canada


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