Morrissey - Photo by Travis Shinn

Photo by Travis Shinn

A week ago we reported about the sudden hospitalization of legendary THE SMITHS frontman MORRISSEY. The musician was diagnozed with a bleeding ulcer and hat to postponed some date of his current US tour. But it looks like everything turned out quite right for the charismatic singer as he now stated an update on his fapage about the whole health issues which might help clarifying things. His statement on the events:

“The reports of my death have been greatly understated. Once admitted to the William Beaumont Hospital at Royal Oak in Michigan, I received treatment for concussion, a bleeding ulcer, and Barrett’s esophagus. The positive from all of this is that there are now no known ailments left for me to try.

I am fully determined to resume the tour on February 9 at the Chelsea Ballroom in Las Vegas. If there’s an audience of any kind in attendance, I just might die with a smile on my face, after all. If I am not there, I shall probably never again be anywhere. Equally, I am determined to play Flint (Michigan) if it kills me (which, on the face of it, it almost has.)

Thank you to everyone present at both Brooklyn (New York) and Melbourne (Australia) during recent weeks for two of the best nights of what might charitably be termed my “career”. My debt to you will outlive time itself.

pause at my headstone,


Looks like the old man is back in full shape. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION looks forward to the future of MORRISSEY which hopefully includes a new studioalbum in the not so far future.