NBHAP-Best-Of-2012_ReaderAs always when the a year is about to end it is time recap the past months and their finest and also sometimes not so great moments. And for a magazine who’s mainly dealing with music and popculture in all it’s various forms this is most likely the time to look back and create lists of the most enjoyable records, musical outputs and everything. Well, we at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION might do this in a different form within the next weeks – but we’re not that big fans of lists and that either. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION was and will always be also about the people who are reading us, who brought this little magazine so much forward within in the last twelve months.

2012 was not just our year, it was also YOUR year. And this is why we created this space for YOU only. We want YOUR albums of 2012, your stories and especially your comments. And your enthusiasm might get rewarded since you have the chance to win 3 special NBHAP surprise packages. These will include a lot of different gimmicks from our magazine like bags or stickers but also a random selection of CD’s from this year. We won’t tell you which records exactly but expect music from bands like MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY, YES CADETS, BETWEEN BORDERS, EFTERKLANG and a lot more.

So, this is your space, these are your lines. Do you need more inspiration? Well, than feel invited to scroll through our REVIEWS section or have a look at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s ALBUMS OF THE WEEK of the past year. But now, silence from our side – we’re looking forward to your comments below.

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