After We Jump - NBHAP GuestmixWith the diversity of today’s music and it’s manifold influences it’s getting harder and harder to define it by just simple things like categories. Very often the solution seems to be found in creating a new genre or by combining different ones – this is why we have such new and fancy names like chillwave, glitch, glo-fi, witch house or blisscore. The last one was even new to us when we read it on the homepage of AFTER WE JUMP. But after wittnessig their songs we might get a clou what they mean with it.

AFTER WE JUMP is a relatively new project based in Basel, Switzerland. The anonymous group describes their sound as music for tomorrows and yesterdays. It’s basicly the wild and interesting mixture that made us stick to the band. So we put one of their tunes on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION’s free sampler Nothing But … Synthgaze and looked even closer. The songs of AFTER WE JUMP refuse themselves to just one genre – they breath the analog warmth of old synthesizer sounds, the wideness of ambient music but also the groove of old hip hop and r’n’b with a certain affection for samples and pitched vocals. It’s a spacey trip AFTER WE JUMP provide for our guestmix series and we are very proud to have this talented newcomers on board.

Within only forty minutes the group creates a very unique mix featuring their own material but also great music by THE XX, M83 or PURITY RING. From wide synthie soundscapes to smooth rap moments, from groove to chill – everything is in this great set. Plus the exclusive premiere of AFTER WE JUMP‘s upcoming remix for DAUGHTER. Experience it right here.

01. FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE – You’ve Got The Love (The xx Remix)

02. PURITY RING – Fineshrine

03. PARA ONE – Every Little Thing (feat. Irfane & Teki Latex)

04. SYMPHONY HALL– One Night Stand (ft. Jay Norton)

05. M83 – Fountains

06. SOUND PELLEGRINO THERMAL TEAM – Activate (After We Jump Remix)

07. RIFF RAFF feat. ACTION BRONSON – Bird On A Wire

08. SKYLAR GREY – I’m Coming Home (After We Jump Remix)



11. TYCHO – Hours (Teen Daze Remix)

12. GROUNDISLAVA – TV Dream (ft. Clive Tanaka)

13. MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS – Vital Signs (Tame Impala Cover)

14. M83 – Echoes Of Mine

15. DAUGHTER – Youth (After We Jump Remix)


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