NBHAP Guestmix - Work DrugsDespite popular belief due to the name of a famous American sitcom it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia. Even for a group like the wonderful retro-pop newcomers WORK DRUGS, who are currently one of the blogosphere’s most buzzed bands it seems. The wave band around masterminds Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana prefers the sunny side of life with their easy-floating melodies, smooth instrumentation and a clear preference for bright instagram moments on their sleeve covers and promotional photos. WORK DRUGS are clearly a band that likes to hide itself behind the unique atmosphere their music creates.

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Transforming the best of the past into the now – that’s their thing and the quality of the previous work speaks for itself. They make music specifically for dancing, boating, yachting, sexting, and living. At leat, that’s how these guys define it. A new record entitled Delta will be out in December, featuring a mixture of past and brand new listening material for our pleasure. And even better – WORK DRUGS found the time to participate in our guestmix series. And to the surprise of everyone these usually quitte sunny guys like to share their melancholic and indie side with a wonderful 9-song selection. Thomas Crystal about his very own ‘Weather Mix’:

“As an avid sailor, it’s always important to know the weather report days in advance of a long cruise. Sometimes a storm can’t be avoided, so you just need to ride it out in the galley below. These are some of the songs I always listen to when waiting out a potent squall. Whether it’s massive hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, or epic snowfall… these songs should help keep you distracted until the sky is blue again.” Well, what more can we add here? We just let the music speak for itself. Experience this fabulous selection by WORK DRUGS right here.

01. NADA SURF – Blizzard of ’77
02. WILCO – Sky Blue Sky
03. RYAN ADAMS – City Rain, City Streets
04. JOSH ROUSE – Snowy
05. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE – Blacking out the Friction / Brand New Love
06. BUILT TO SPILL – Weather
07. KINGS OF CONVENIENCE – Gold in the Air of Summer
08. EARTH, WIND & FIRE – September
09. IRON AND WINE – The Sea and the Rhythm


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indie / pop
from Philadelphia, USA


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