South Of France NBHAP GuestmixWith all the digital gimmicks and technical achievements of modern music production, the pure love of the music sometimes tends to get lost on the way. And although there are quite a lot of fantastic acts who combine authentic emotion with modern equipment sometimes the oldies are still the goldies. And it’s this love for analog retro guitar pop that originally started multi-instrumentalist Jeff Cormack producing music by himself, ultimately resulting in teaming up with Kelly Lueke for their enjoyable lo-fi-rock duo SOUTH OF FRANCE.

The Californian two-piece is clearly one on the rise. The lovely melodies of their 2012 debut Another Boring Sunrise are ones that just stuck in your head, give you hope and gets you through the day with their positive, sunny and cool vibes. And NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is pretty sure that the buzz around these two lovely people might continue and get even bigger in 2013 as their tunes just really need to be noticed by everyone. We’re quite happy to have Kelly and Jeff on board for a selection of their all time favourites in form of another NBHAP exclusive guestmix.

“This mix is 100% dedicated to the guitar,” says the band, “It contains some of our favorite guitar-pop songs ever written from old to new. No toy instruments and computers… just microphones, amps, guitars, drums, vocals and tape.” It basicly sounds like SOUTH OF FRANCE turned on a jukebox full of old treasures, golden classics and shiney new tunes that harmonicly coexist with the oldies. 46 minutes of finest retro-guitar-pop that instantly puts a smile on the face of each and everyone of you – and yes, we can guarantee that. Listen to SOUTH OF FRANCE‘s Guestmix right here:

SOUTH OF FRANCE Guestmix – Tracklist

01. BOBBY FULLER FOUR – Let Her Dance
02. THE TROGGS – With a Girl Like You
03. BEACH DAY – Love is Strange (Cover)
04. THE BABIES – Alligator
05. NICK WATERHOUSE – If You Want TRouble
06. JACQUES DU TRONC – Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi
07. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY – Your Love is Mine
08. DION – Drip Drop
09. RITCHIE VALENS – Bluebirds Over The Mountains
10. IRMA THOMAS – Breakaway
11. FABIENNE DEL SOL – Vilaines Filles Mauvais Garcon
13. SHOCKING BLUE – Send Me a Postcard
14. SONNY AND THE SUNSETS – Too Young To Burn
16. PETER BJORN AND JOHN – I Know You Don’t Love Me