NBHAP-Albums-2012The year 2012 is almost over – time to recap the year musically. We’ve already given you a quick retrospective about twenty music videos of the past months and presented a mix of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s favourite songs of the year. We also asked you about your most-loved records of the year and now we want to share our staff’s favourite albums of 2012.

As the NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION team is still no fan of lists we rather give you a few words about the music we’ve fallen in love with. Each writer was invited to share her/his thoughts and feelings on the favourite records of 2012. These are the albums we’ve been passionate about during the past months and this is what we have to say about them:



“Actually I’ve chosen not only one but three records. Without any doubt, 2012 has been a blast! Personally, for NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION and of course musically. For me there were three releases that were most outstanding: ASBJØRN‘s debut album Sunken Ships, RANGLEKLODS‘ album Beekeeper and SKIP&DIE‘s debut album Riots In The Jungle. Each of these three acts is genrebreaking. My suggestion to you: ASBJØRN‘s single The Criminal which tells in its hook “don’t tell me stories of sunken ships, it’s too much for me to take in” – words that coudn’t be more fragile in a song that couldn’t be more beautiful.”

Review of ASBJØRN’s album “Sunken Ships”



“I’ve chosen MONO and their album “For My Parents, because MONO are still one of the most inspiring postrock acts ever. For My Parents is a masterpiece of instrumental music. It is peacful and strong in the same way. Reminding of unforgetable moments in the past and opening up for more to explore in the future.”

Review of MONO’s album “For My Parents”



“I’ve chosen SIZARR’s stunning debut record “Psycho Boy Happyto be my favourite album of the year 2012. The three guys – Deaf Sty, $PMoneyand Gora Sou (alias Fabian Altstötter, Philipp Hülsenbeck and Marc Übel) made an elaborated record: the lyrics and melodies are significant but nevertheless indefinable. Psycho Boy Happy feels like a mysterious journey through the deepness of music-it is complex, has a genre- breaking sound and an immense recognition value.”

Review of SIZARR’s album “Psycho Boy Happy”



I’ve chosen the new CRYSTAL CASTLES album “(III) because it’s pure magic. And I felt nothing but love when I listened to their new output for the first time. In its entirety, the third studio album of CRYSTAL CASTLES is the most self contained one of them, without losing the spirit of the band. It carries you through dark valleys, crossing deep feelings of craving, finally ending up in a heavy rave consisting of synthesizer sounds and voices buzzing through mind and heart. – the perfect soundtrack for riding on a unicorn across your own universe of hope and passion.”

Review of CRYSTAL CASTLE’S album “(III)”



“I’ve chosen HOLMES‘ third album “Burning Bridges” to be my album of the year 2012 because it sounds almost exactly like the Harvest-era NEIL YOUNG … but with an accordion. And NEIL YOUNG is THE incarnation of pure musical greatness. Period. Well yeah, more seriously, these charismatic Swedes here know how to compose very good songs: slow and emotional, folksy and melancholodic. I know this word doesn’t exist, but HOLMES are creators… and so, from now on, it does.”

Review of HOLMES’ “Burning Bridges”



“I’ve chosen BLOC PARTY‘s comeback album “Four“. Although an old fan like me had all the reasons to be sceptical prior to the record’s release these guys proved me wrong – thank god. It is a statement of the renewed the close bounding between the group members, and it is full of power, anger and rough energy. The heavier moments are harder than ever in BLOC PARTY‘s history, the quieter ones are as beautiful as expected. It’s about the world we live in and its almost dystopian times. Although we’re still looking for a solution, the right soundtrack might already be found.”

Review of BLOC PARTY’s album “Four”



“I’ve chosen EFTERKLANGs Piramida because it’s my surprise album of the year. Since the time it was released I spent so much time listening to songs like Dream Today on repeat because every time I listened to songs like this I recognize more and more new layers of fascinating sound effects. These ten tracks are the most peculiar and fascinating compilation of beautifully yet extraordinary sounds in a very long time. They are so fine and beautiful that I spent hours and days experiencing them and falling deeper in love with these sounds with every minute I listened to them.

Review of EFTERKLANG’s album “Piramida”



“I’ve chosen DILLON‘s debut “The Silence Kills” because my most quiet and at the same time loudest moments of the year 2012 were born by this record. Her debut album seems collage-like and toggles between intro- and extroverted moments. Grave and gloomy electronic sound patterns extravert a bittersweet depth and want to wake their audience by the help of the leading piano, DILLON‘s distinctively warbly and fragile voice and scruffy electronics. Those are exactly the details of the songs which cause your throat to close. Every single story of the twelve tracks reminds me of beloved and hated moments, forgotten toothbrushes and legs that turned into spaghettis.”



“I’ve chosen JAPANDROIDS‘ “Celebration Rock” because the main ingredient of the album is pure energy. And I needed that kind of musical energy to keep in mind where I am come from and where I want to go. Sure, it is a typical rock attitude the album represents, but it works very well when you are at a point in your life where you have to make decisions. It also reminds me to live my life in the way I want to. I don’t have to fit in some scheme. You neither. Keep that in mind.

Review of JAPANDROID’s album “Celebration Rock”



“I have chosen FINK‘s latest live album “Wheels turn beneath my feet” because I saw them live on this tour and immediately fell in love. They manage to combine the magic of the moment with the most humble band I ever saw. The gravity they create is very well represented on the record, which comes as a double vinyl with great stories to read about the tour.”