keep shelly in athens - madmen love

As the sun sets and dark hours come, it is time for dark and dreamy tunes. KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS‘ new track Madmen Love is a dark and dreamy one and more than this a quite dramatic one. Madmen Love is the first song from the upcoming debut-album which will be released in July via Cascine. BUut this is not the reason why tonight’s “Sound Of The Night” comes from KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS.

Imagine a dark night and too much love. Especially when it gets dark outside and you have too much love in you, madness is not too far away, right? And especially at night the madmen’s love may not be that furious, but much more some that is dreamy, extremely focused and not able to acts. The madness is inside and simply does not want to come out. The madness is not in the actions, but much more in the thoughts. And so it is love that drives madmen crazy.

KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS set exactly this mood to music. Madmen Love is a track that is introverted and that focusses on thoughts. And it is the thoughtfulness that makes every night special. There can be no doubt that the “Sound Of The Night” comes from KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS tonight.