As vanity - pagans 1 VANITY shortly released their critically acclaimed new album Occult You, now the band released their new video Sleeping Tears (Pagans Pt. I), which is tonights “Sound Of The Night.

Pagans is a two parts novel music video written by N and directed by Giovanni Aloi (The Sponk Studios). A short film made by two video clips, between epic battles, esoteric pilgrimage and terrible revelations. If the fades and the shadows of the previous VANITY‘s video Under Black Ice represent the unconscious, the dream (or nightmare), the advent of the disaster. In Pagans (where we find the black door again) everything moves to a real level. Pagans was shot entirely in Tuscany, between the mansion of N, frontman of the band, and the neighbours. The Tuscan landscapes synonymous of pastoral idylls, here are transformed into somenthing solemnly liturgical and adverse.

Are you ready for indie doom, esoteric pop, pagan wave? Blackgaze and post goth tunes by VANITY named “Sound Of The Night” on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. Sink into the world of Sleeping Tears and the landscape of the Tuscan.