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You know, sometimes you don’t need a whole orchestra or a band, electronical devices, vocals or other odds and ends – sometimes all you need is one single piano to touch your heart. We have to say that we are really impressed by the simplicity of NILS FRAHM’s Screws.
The German musician just experienced one of the worst things that could happen to a pianist – he broke his thumb. But it didn’t keep him from recording nine beautiful tracks with just nine fingers. Yesterday was NILS FRAHM’s 30th birthday and he decided to give his fans a special gift by releasing Screws and giving the EP away for free. Hereby, we would like to thank you so much!

At first Frahm was a bit troubled, because of his work and everything, but then it all went well. Frahm on his accident and Screws: “For a couple of days I felt like this all could be over. How pathetic. But hey – also feeling sorry for yourself has its place somewhere. All of a sudden I had so much time, an unexpected holiday. Even though my doctor told me not to touch a piano for a while, I just couldn’t resist. I started playing a silent song with 4 fingers on my left and the remaining 5 on my right hand. I set up one microphone and recorded another tune every other night before falling asleep.
The day I got rid of my cast I had recorded 9 little tunes. They have helped me feel less annoyed about my accident and reminded me that any good is something I can only achieve, when I am making the most out of what I’ve got.”

The nine songs are named after the solmisation syllables (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Si), whereas the first track is titled You and the last one Me. Nice idea. Every song impresses with a very amazing and touching piano sound. They have a slightly glimmer of sadness and still sparkle somehow with hope. Listen to and download this beautiful music below.

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classic / acoustic
from Berlin, Germany


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