Photo by Kayt Jones

NOSAJ THING, alias Jason Chung, is back with his new single Eclipse/Blue that is available on October 2. His last album, Drift Remixed, was released 2010 and since that he did a few productions and remixes, but now he presents some new stuff. The song Eclipse/Blue is the first treat before his new album comes out early next year.
In support of the tune he got Kazu Makino on board who lends her amazing voice. Kazu is the lead singer of BLONDE REDHEAD, an American dream-pop band. NOSAJ THING combined his electro music with the drampop style of Kazu Makino and created a beautiful song.
The slow electro beats are united with some guitar sequences. Kazu’s voice completes the single with soft vocals. The track invites to dream and let loose all your problems.

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electro / electropop
from Los Angeles/California, USA


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