Ólafur ArnaldsIcelandic composer and multi-instrumentalist ÓLAFUR ARNALDS has finished the work on his new studio album and announced the release for February 2013. It is called For Now I Am Winter and it will be released via Mercury Classics which happens also due to the fact that ARNALDS promised a slightly different sound from his past work. ÓLAFUR points out: “I met Alexander Buhr (director of Mercury Classics) in April this year. With his vision – and the fact that I have an album in my hands which is rather different for my previous work – it seems like the right time to try something new, reach new audiences and go places I didn’t go before.” Fans of the label Erased Tapes can also relax – ARNALDS has no intention to leave the company he buld up with NILS FRAHM and PETER BRODERICK. Listen to the last collaboration between FRAHM and ARNALDS right here to get you in the right mood for new material.


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acoustic / neo-classic
from Mosfellsbær, Iceland


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