Nowness presents 'On Hold'Doesn’t life sometimes feel a bit like a loop? Doing all the processes of the daily race all over again? French filmmaker collective AB/CD/CD has abstracted this idea onto a different level – just as British experimental electronic group FACTORY FLOOR brought the idea of ever repeating loops and soundstructures on a new level. Inspired by their track ( R E A L L O V E ) the directors created this stunning little movie called On Hold about strange situations that seems to constantly repeat each other while their intensity rises. An interesting piece of art that hopefully inspires you.

Director: AB/CD/CD
Music by Factory Floor (real love)
DoP: Nicolas Loir
Edited by AB/CD/CD and Nicolas Larrouquere
Color grading : Dtouch
Cast in order of appearance :
Sydney Valette, Lubna PLayoust, Mia Hinz, José Fontao, Ombline Gilliot, Zoë Le Ber, Mélodie Saba, Laurent David, Arnaud Boutin, Mary Clerté, Malika Djardi, Louise Hémon, Iris Brey, Alix Billois, CAmille DAuteuille, Bruno Salamone, Clément Dozier