Platonick Dive - band - 2013

platonick dive - therapeutic porttrait - album cover

PLATONICK DIVETherapeutic Portrait

1. Meet Me In The Forest
2. Youth
3. Soundproof Cabinet
4. Træ
5. Wall Gazing
6. Lovely Violated Innocence
7. The Time To Turn Off Your Mind (Part One)
8. The Time To Turn Off Your Mind (Part Two)
9. Outro – Moscova Jazzcore

When it comes to musical definitions, “silence against noise” is the one of Italian postrock band PLATONICK DIVE. Located somewhere between ambient digression, geometric constructions and feedback explosions, the band is passionate about electronic music, delays, loops and fiords. It is postrock and instrumental rock music as well as Intelligence Dance Music – sound experiments, dubstep echoes and dreaming guitars. There can be no doubt that this band is special and the band of the Italian scene these days – and surely also one of the best in Southern Europe.

Since PLATONICK DIVE will release their debut album, Therapeutic Portrait, on January 16 via Black Candy Records, so it is about time to introduce you to the album. NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents an exclusive album stream of Therapeutic Portrait from Jan 14th – Jan 21st. Make sure to listen to PLATONICK DIVE‘s tunes and be amazed by the travel they will take you on. Are you ready to dream away? You should be, because what would life be if we would not be able to dream now and then? Gabriele Centelli (Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Voice, Electronic Sampler), Marco Figliè (Guitar, Effects, Synthesizer, Electronic Sampler) and Jonathan Nelli (Drums) will do a Therapeutic Portrait of what’s going on in your dreams and at the same time the portrait of their debut album is therapeutic. Music that can be filled with thoughts, pictures and – yes – dreams. Take the PLATONICK DIVE into pure beauty and the deepest depths of yourself.



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