Photo by Terry Richardson

Alright, so, she looks like the upcoming next big hype or hipster girl – at least when you judge American singer SKY FERREIRA after the fotos on her social media profiles. Okay, she’s kind of cool and all that stuff but she’s probably more than another it-girl since she’s also a singer. The twenty year old part-time model has her first full longplayer set for release by the end of the year under the title I’m Not Alight. Before this happens, SKY FERREIRA is about to give us a new EP entitled Ghost which is out now. The lead single is quite a atmospheric and catchy piece of 80s influenced synthie-pop named Everything Is Embarrissing. It’s co-produced by Devont√© Hynes aka BLOOD ORANGE which might explain the retro flair – and we love such stuff, you might already noticed that. While the video is basicly the artist looking lascivious into the camera, the song is far more exciting. Pretty catchy, wouldn’t you agree?

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electropop / pop
from New York, United States


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