Recycle Culture remix The xxNow, this is another anonymous and – on the first look – pretty strange project – RECYCLE CULTURE and their undeniable liking for 90s dance music. And when we say 90s dance music it’s exactly the kind of rave tunes from that era we almost forgot about. Fancy breakbeats in the tradition of early THE PRODIGY, fast trance and piano melodies with straight four-to-the-floor beats like they were produced directly in 1996. But since we were all raised in that decades we got a certain weakness for that kind of sound. Not much is know about RECYCLE CULTURE themselves. Their new remixes pop up from time to time in the blogosphere via their homepage but it is actually not clear who’s behind this mysterious project. In times of almost totally transperency probably a good thing. The focus is the music and they’ve just released a fresh rework of THE XX‘s most recent single Chained that comes with lovely retro breakbeats. And just to give you some sort of impression how RECYCLE CULTURE sounds and feels like we also give you their official remixes for KORALLREVEN and ELITE GYMNASTICS.


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electro / dance / rave
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