schultz and forever - 2013 - by Freja Sofie Kirk

Photo by Freja Sofie Kirk

schultz and forever - celine


1. Aur Fait
2. Sociopathic Youth
3. Death Rain
4. Obscured
5. Two Flowers

Danish singer-songwriter Jonathan Schultz aka. SCHULTZ AND FOREVER somehow is a wunderkind. With only eighteen years he gained a lot of attention. Not only in his home country Denmark, also internationally. After playing SPOT Festival in Aarhus with his debut EP Odd Stories, Jonathan decided to do something else. So he travelled to Paris in fall 2012, played concerts, met people, wrote songs, and recorded Céline. Céline is the title of SCHULTZ AND FOREVER‘s new EP, which is out now in Scandinavia and worldwide (digitally) on February 4th.

Céline. Five wonderful heart-breaking songs that invite to dream away, to indulge in reminiscences and last but not least to sing a long with this young (and still so wise) guy. Somehow he is the JAKE BUGG of Denmark!

NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION presents the stream of SCHULTZ AND FOREVER‘s new EP right here:



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