HEADROOM is a true punk rock love story. If we speak in terms of photography, headroom or head room is a concept of aesthetic composition that addresses the relative vertical position of the subject within the frame of the image. The camera position is in fact a very special one, one that might make you think “mh that looks kinda weird” when you start watching the shortfilm. But you will like it after some seconds and possibly even love it, since it is really special and very charming.

Director Anya Beyersdorf made this film in December 2011 after teaching her film students composition and framing. She started thinking “Ok – so rules are made to be broken – how can we screw with the medium to get the message across? I think it works – by cutting the hero’s head room we get a sense that it could be anyone…”

So it’s a story about loneliness. And thinking you will be alone forever, and not to give up hope cause one day that person will be standing right in front of you. HEADROOM is a shout-out to love.

director: Anya Beyersdorf
music: John Kilbey