The SmithsIt’s a funny thing with rumours and how they can spread in enormous short amount of time and become something different from the original source. Once again in the past days – the media was full of news around an almost sure reunion of the legendary British indie rock pioneers THE SMITHS. This happened quite often in the past years – fans of lead singer MORRISSEY might know this. Just to make sure everyone understands the current situation here is a little sum up of the past days of rumours.

The origin of the new buzz is set in an interview MORRISSEY recently gave a magazine as he is currently touring the globe once again. He said that the legendary American festival Coachella once offered THE SMITHS to go 100 percent vegan for a whole weekend on the whole festival to achieve a reunion by the British group. Especially important for MORRISSEY – one of the worlds most energetic fighters for animal rights and his colleque and legendary songwriting partner Johnny Marr. And this quote quickly transformed into the information that there is enormous high chance that THE SMITHS will reform for 2013’s Coachella as they decided to go full vegan for a whole weekend. And since one show is not enough, these rumours included performances at other European Festivals like Glastonbury. Everything seems to be saved – allthough it wasn’t clear which two members will stood at the side of MORRISSEY and Marr. Fans might now that the relationships with bass player Andy Rourke and especially drummer Mike Joyce aren’t the best anymore.

So, we at NBHAP were already collecting money to get ourselves a British festival ticket when suddenly MORRISSEY‘s publicist intervented with a clear: “THE SMITHS will NEVER get back together!” So, that’s it? Once again? Or is the group not interested in spoiling the surprise? We don’t know yet. Maybe it’s a good thing if they stay in our memory as the young and vital group that influenced so many others. But, well, we wouldn’t mind seeing the old htis live once again. We’ll keep you updated on this situation. For now, enjoy another classic – taken from their final longplayer Strangeways, Here We Come, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of release.


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indie / rock
from Manchester, United Kingdom


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