Here’s some news for those of you who think on their feet: The Sound Supply is back with 10 albums “that are sure to make your life the envy of lesser music fans”. This means you get 10 albums of 10 different bands for 15 dollars (12,19€ up-to-date currency). But you gotta be quick, ‘cause this special offer is only available for 10 days, starting from TODAY on – while I’m writing this it’ll be on for still 9 days, 7 hours, and 15 minutes. Drop Number Four comes with the lovely I USED TO BE A SPARROW and LA DISPUTE, two great bands that we always love to support.

If you need more information about this jam-packed “goodie” pack, watch the trailer below or go to the Supply Drop website directly. Supply Drops will be happening every other month, so we’re kind of curious about the next one already. Deal!


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indie / pop / alternative
from Västerås, Sweden


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