Psych-rock band TAME IMPALA presents the video for their new single Elephant, taken from their upcoming, sophomore album Lonerism, out on October 5. Actually, Elephant would be a classical music video including live footages, if there weren’t those weird colours which blur like being in a kaleidoscope. It was shot by the Japanese artist Yoshi Sodeako who has an obvious weakness for multi-coloured and melting pictures. TAME IMPALA‘s Frontman Kevin Parker says about the story of the track “It’s the guy who thinks he’s great, the jock. Imagine a real reclusive guy who’s a bit bitter about this guy who thinks he’s great. Which is the opposite vibe of the loner, so it presents him in the worst light.” Enjoy the guitar-dominated song below.

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psychedelic / rock
from Perth, Australia


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