Without any doubt, this track is one of the most loved synth-pop classics out there, an everlasting, timeless song that must have seen its fair share of remixing abuse: Sweet Dreams by EURYTHMICS. Released in 1983, the song has since then been covered by many musicians of almost every genre: from DR. ALBAN, over MARILYN MANSON and NAS, to PHATS & SMALL and AVICII. It’s clearly a matter of taste whether all these versions are to be mentioned as remarkable or if some of them would have better never been created, but the latest rework of this song definitely came out great! The wonderful guys of WHOMADEWHO decided to metamorphose it anew, and as we believe: they simply pulled it off, once more showing their universal skills and flexibility. Listen to the song and decide in favor of the best version, but we’re all but certain that the Danish geniuses from WHOMADEWHO will emerge victorious. P.S.: We enjoy its amazing energy exceptionally.


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indie / electro
from Copenhage, Denmark


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