Youthkills - Time Is Now

YOUTHKILLS, James and Andy Taylor the sons of the famous DURAN DURAN members Roger and Andy Taylor already made themselves a name in the London music scene. After remixing several tracks for artists such as PONY PONY RUN RUN or THE NAKED & THE FAMOUS, the British duo releases its first single Time Is Now via EMI. Their sound is an aspiring and fresh version of good old-fashioned pop rock. It is about friendship, levity and the inner drive to live a fulfilled life as they sing in these lines: “Still waiting for your life to start / If you’re gonna do it, the time is now”. The song is quite catchy, definitely danceable and we are so excited to see and here more from these guys in the form of a full longplayer in 2013. But for now check out the new video for Time Is Now and just have a good time.

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rock / pop
from London, UK


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