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Electronic Empathy

In the 21st century, electronic music and club culture are as complex as they are timeless. In this section we’re discussing its fascination with some of the scene’s most interesting characters.

Electronic Empathy: Confidence Man Unleash The Right Sound For Potential Post-Pandemic Party Vibes

With their impending second studio album ‘TILT’ Australian dance sensation Confidence Man aim even higher as if they want to reunite the entire planet via the power of joint dancing. Needless to say, they hit a soft spot with NBHAP head Norman here. To celebrate the release and a shared love for retro-infused dance tunes he phoned up one of the group’s masterminds for more insights as well as a few proper tunes.

Electronic Empathy: Teen Daze Embraces The Timeless Joy Of French House On “Interior”

Restless artist Jamison Isaak returns with a new Teen Daze record and this time he takes his love for dreamy electronic sounds straight to the dancefloor, delivering an album full of funky grooves and nods to the sound that shaped him as a teenage. On top of our interview he also compiled a pretty epic playlist featuring some of his all-time favourites, so we kindly invite you to join us on one final disco adventure before the year ends.

Electronic Empathy: Kasper Bjørke Embraces The Return Of Club Music With Warm Balearic Vibes

Just in time fort the world slowly opening up again one of NBHAP’s longtime favourites returns with an album that celebrates the joy of joint dancing and togetherness unlike in a very uplifting way. If you happen to be a fan of sweet Baleraic house music bliss you should take a closer look at “Sprinkles” and also the tracks Kasper Bjørke put in our playlist. Time for a new edition of Electronic Empathy, girls and boys.

Electronic Empathy: NBHAP Head Norman On The First EP Under His Burnout Sumner Alias

After exchanging thoughts with various players of the electronic music scene throughout the past year, NBHAP head Norman is stepping into the limelight and actually talks about his own influences, love for electronic music and his freshly released original material under his Burnout Sumner moniker. So yeah, consider this to be a more personal edition than usual.

Electronic Empathy: House Music Icon Claude VonStroke Remains Restless And Hungry

The latest edition of our beloved interview series about electronic music welcomes a true heavyweight of electronic music – the one and only Claude VonStroke. The internationally known house music veteran and founder of Dirtybird Records just returned from his first official party event since the world started opening up again and he’s also launching a brand new white label series along with Justin Jay. Needless to say we had a lot to talk about. And on top of it the man himself also took care of our Spotify playlist.

Electronic Empathy: Lydmor Adds Furious Futuristic Pop Extravaganza To Our Playlist

Danish artist Lydmor is an unstoppable force of nature, one that is destined to push her own artistic and personal boundaries with every new release. Her pop is adventurous, relentless and forward-thinking and in a time that’s dominated by a lot of question marks it’s not the worst thing to imagine a better future. Together with her music we might be ready to shape it and this exchange will hopefully ignite it. And of course, she also picked tunes for our beloved playlist.

Electronic Empathy: Roosevelt Delivers Much Needed Warm Disco Vibes

Less parties, more disco? Maybe the world needs exactly that in a time of crisis and this man is about to deliver it in style. German pop wunderkind Roosevelt is returning with his third album "Polydans" these days and NBHAP head Norman called him up to talk about it and also reflect on the music that influenced him. As always the artist was also down to compile music for our playlist.

Tycho Adds His Personal Dreamy Flavour To Our “Electronic Empathy” Playlist

Beloved American artist Scott Hansen ends the cycle of his last album "Weather" with one final remix album before starting a new chapter in his life and career. On the brink of the new year, I sat down with him to talk about the current state of Tycho and discuss the influence of electronic music in his life as he adds some of his personal favourites to NBHAP's 'Electronic Empathy' playlist.

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