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Feminist Voices

This is a much needed space to amplify the voice of so many kick-ass FLINTA artists that are still often unheard in the male-dominated industry.

Mali Magic: Fatoumata Diawara on the Role of Women in Mali’s Music Industry

'Maliba' the new EP of the Mali-born singer Fatoumata Diawara is a special release. It was created as part of the 'Mali Magic' heritage project highlighting the art and the tradition of the north African country. Following its release, we caught the singer on zoom to chat about the project and her role in the Malian music tradition and contemporary scene.

At Cultural Crossroads: Marina Satti On Her Debut Record “YENNA”

The Greek-Sudanese artist Marina Satti is driven to explore cultures and ways of exchange through her language: music. On her debut record "YENNA", she merges traditional Greek polyphony with influences from Turkey, the Balkans, and many more. We spoke to the artist to understand the deep tradition behind her songs and she curated our playlist with her favorite songs from her home country.

The Revolutionary Power of Music: Bia Ferreira on Brazil and Educating Through Music

Bia Ferreira uses music as resistance to the injustices, violence, and discrimination that BIPoC people and queer people face in Brazil. I meet the musician backstage at YAAM to talk about music as a tool for education. The multi-talented artist is known for emotive and political live shows touching the hearts and moving the feet of the audience.

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