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— Daily Tune 03/01/2018

DOTE – ‘Bottles’

Dot, dot, DOTE. What’s knocking at our doors right at the beginning of the new year is a worthy successor to the North Rhine-Westphalian indie princes Kilians. Bottles resurrects an indie pop sound rooted back in the 00s, a time when bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Foals had their finger on the pulse of time. Still, the young lads’s skill at writing catchy-as-hell pop anthems is, quite simply, formidable. Watching lead singer and drummer Lukas Hüskens roam through the streets of Düsseldorfas as he is reciting his tales of innocent teenage love might actually make us feel young and free for once and forget the passage of time. DOTE‘s second EP Center Court comes out on 6th January.

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