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— Daily Tune 07/03/2018

Atlas Bird – ‘Mona Of Light’

German alternative rockers Atlas Bird took their time for the release of their debut EP Escapia following the first lovely singles Voyage and Isolate in 2016 and 2017. Now that the EP by the Leipzig-based trio has been out for a few months it’s time to remind everybody of its existence and quality (or to introduce you to it, depending on your level of knowledge). And the freshly released new music video for Mona Of Light is a fitting way of doing it. It’s a powerful old-fashioned piece of independent rock, filled with big gestures, driven by a pumping bassline, heavy drums and the distinctive timbre of leading man Martin Schröder-Zabel. The cinematic video underlines the ambitious approach of the music as it follows the three lads into the dark of the woods, picking up pieces that ultimately lead them to an even bigger mystery. That clip content got stuff for at least one season of Netflix mystery material, right?

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