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— Daily Tune 19/03/2018

Felix Räuber – ‘Wall’

Ten years ago, German dream pop Polarkreis 18 topped the national charts with their single Allein Allein which was quite special, considering it meant a certain shift in quality for the number one spot of the pop charts. The following The Colour Of Snow record also was a pretty decent LP but like many bands in that situation, the Polarkreis boys couldn’t handle the pressure from the major label and later split up for various reasons. Now, lead singer Felix Räuber returns with new music under his own name, after he wasn’t really sure whether to carry on making music after all. Well, thank god he did because Wall turned out to be an epic piece of cinematic beauty that carefully walks between multiple worlds – neo-classic and pop. And then there’s of course the voice of Räuber which definitely is a distinctive element that lifts this piece to the next level. A full EP by Felix Räuber arrives later in 2018 and you should all definitely have that on our radar by now.

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