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— Daily Tune 11/03/2020

Lea Porcelain – ‘Future Hurry Slow’

The Berlin post-punk duo Lea Porcelain is incredibly gifted when it comes to crafting melancholic songs charged with a strong atmospheric feel that let you stumble right into the whirl of a world slowly falling into pieces. Their newest output Future Hurry Slow is no different in this respect. Stripped down of the familiar sound carpet and led off with plain acoustic guitar chords, which are only later added by a harmonious synths section, their first 2020s release delves deep into the realms of a love on shaky grounds. Sombre and yet passionately driven, the voice of singer Markus Nikolaus guides us into the ambivalences tied to such emotions: “While all of heaven awakens / Let the future hurry slow”. Lush and harmonious in its musical design but charged with a sense of strong sentiment, this piece is a beautiful statement of the band’s progression and hopefully is followed by more new material soon. Make sure to give this one a good spin right here in the meantime.

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