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— Daily Tune 17/12/2021

“The Ending” By Magic Island And Mazzo Is A Fitting Swan Song To The Chaotic 2021

Jesus Christ… what a year 2021 has been! A rolleroaster ride of emotions where hope and despair walked hand in hand through a weird summer into another winter of pandemic uncertainty. Aren’t we all a bit exhausted and longing for a break? Well, that might be a rhetorical question but as we’re facing the final days of December we couldn’t have picked a more fitting final Daily Tune for 2021 than one that goes by the title The Ending. The joint venture between beloved Berlin-based artist Magic Island (who we also met earlier this year) and ambient producer Mazzo is a tender lullaby for the winter times; a raw and emotionally honest ballad. Sensual, fragile and yet with a certain pop sensitivity – the ghostly R&B-infected tune was a result by a remote collaboration during last year’s lockdown winter and since time became quite relative over the past two years now is the right time to drop it, don’t you agree? We’re also up for a break now, we need to rest and recharge our batteries. See you in 2022, friends.

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