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— Daily Tune 05/01/2021

Molly Burch And Wild Nothing Team Up For A Maximum Amount Of “Emotion”

Witnessing two beloved artists joining forces is always a pleasure and although I didn’t exactly envisioned a joint venture between Molly Burch and Jack Tatum aka Wild Nothing I’m really happy it is now in this world. The two artists actually recorded it already one year ago in the good ol’ pre-pandemic days. Emotion is a celebration of being alive as Burch explains and maybe that’s why they waited to a quite bleak moment in time to release it and the beginning of 2021 feels like an appropriate moment here. Tatum’s notoriously funky basslines and dreamy guitar helps to give the gentle pop tune a nice little twist but in the end it is what it really is – a catchy and grooving piece of irresistible pop music and it’s as refreshing as it is exciting to see Burch operating in such environment. Maybe that’s just the start of another surprising musical collaboration to get us through the current time. I surely wouldn’t mind it.

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