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— Daily Tune 10/12/2021

Novaa Makes Room For Victims Of Sexual Abuse On Powerful Single ‘You Can F With Me’

Without a doubt, Novaa is one of the alt pop scene’s brightest and most productive talents we have right now and we will continue to root for her. Following this summer’s lovely album She’s A Rose she’s now readying a quick follow-up called She’s A Star which drops in April 2022 and works as a companion album. The Berlin-based artist got that special ability to take tough topics and emotional vulnerability and turn them into strong, partly even humorous pop gems without taking the serious message away. Her latest single You Can F With Me is a prime example here as it adresses Novaa‘s own personal story as a victim of sexual abuse and rape. “The one thing I want people to take away from this song is; listen to the victim,” she explains. “Make room for them. Create a safe space for them to speak up, to find a way of healing. This world knows very well how to judge people that are victims of abuse while protecting the abusers. And as long as this is the case I will continue to speak up and be loud.” The result is pretty mesmerizing. Weapons down, armor off – Novaa wears hear heart on a sleeve like a weapon against all the haters and we can’t wait for more from her in the new year.

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