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— Daily Tune 01/03/2018

Puma Blue – ‘Only Trying 2 Tell U’

South-East London based artist Jacob Allen aka Puma Blue is currently one of the most impressive new talents coming from the rainy island. Soft and strong like a puma and melancholic deep like the blue sea his sound vibes between jazzy guitar melodies, a mesmerizing soothing voice and lo-fi hiphop touched drums. Looking on the list of his influences, including Billie Holiday, Elliott Smith, Kendrick Lamar, J Dilla, Nirvana, Tom Waits, Bon Iver and Radiohead, you definitely know he only can make damn fine music, which he has proven with his first EP Swum Baby released in 2017. With his new single Only Trying 2 Tell U he continues to fill our hearts with a beautiful blue warmth and makes us very excited for more.

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