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— Daily Tune 27/03/2018

Sibille Attar – ‘I Don’t Have To’

Sibille Attar‘s last record was 2013’s Sleepyhead, and the music world has been a poorer place without her. Happily, she’s now back, and her latest single I Don’t Have To is an absolute stunner. It’s one of those songs that hits you like a lightning bolt the first time you hear it, right from the instantly-iconic opening ‘Every niiiiiiigggggghhhhhhttttt…’. Packed with melody and given extra sheen by Attar’s unique vocal sparkle, it’s classic pop in that it’s simultaneously empowering and heartbreaking (is there anything sadder than a break-up song that includes the line ‘you did the best that you could’?), and it’ll punch you six different ways at once. It’s kinda embarrassing to gush about a song like this, but I Don’t Have To really is that obscenely good. It’s on Attar’s new EP Paloma’s Hand, out on April 27

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