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Hope and passion help you to believe in yourself, and make you achieve what you believe in, even if its really hard.

We met French post-punk / pop band 1984 at the Ramones Museum, Berlin. They did an interview day with their friends COLT SILVERS and played an acoustic set the day before. Somehow everyone looked a bit tired, but still satisfied and happy as well.

Your album was produced by BLOOD RED SHOES. How did you meet them? How is it to work and play with them?
That started four or five years ago. We were playing in a club, and the owner of the place loved one of our songs so we gave him a demo track. Later, BLOOD RED SHOES were playing in the same club. After the show, the owner DJed and played our track – so BLOOD RED SHOES went to him and asked for the song! Later they messaged us on Myspace – yes, this was still Maypace times (laughing) – and asked us to support them for their UK tour one month later.
It was a huge surprise, because we just discovered the band two months earlier and were listening to them a lot these times – and suddenly we received a message from them!
Being on tour, we became good friends, and after we supported them in france and germany as well.
When we prepared the second album I just sent them some tracks asking for their opinion, and after the fourth song they just asked us if they can produce it, so we agreed immediately. It was really cool. We wanted the rough, british sound, and that worked out perfectly. BLOOD RED SHOES gave us so many advices and helped us a lot, like tell us that the accent is bad, or that we need more power on certain tracks, it just improved the whole process. Now we have the sound we always wanted.

You already played a tour in China. How did this happen?
The story is actually pretty funny. I used to work as a German teacher for children. One of the kids was from China and showed our music to his brother, who used to work for a Chinese booking agency. He liked it very much and asked us to play a tour in China, and we liked the idea. Only some months later he called saying: “Okay, I have 10 gigs for you in China!” We were very excited and started to save money to go there from actual jobs and went. The tour was really amazing. Everything was really big.

Your first album was released pretty long ago. What took you so long to make a new 1984 album?
First, we did a lot of gigs, we toured in China and Germany, and after that we took our time to create new music. Also, we released one single in that period. We really started to work on the new album in 2011, but did many songs before that. It took some time because we also have jobs now and stuff to do – and the whole process was really different from the first album. We wanted it to be more different and powerful, and therefore we needed time! Now we have 11 songs and each of them is perfect for us. We could have chosen almost every of them for a Single, and we chose Maze as the first.

1984 - influenza - album cover

Cover of 1984 ‘s new album Influenza (out February 22)

You are just having an interview day together with COLT SILVERS who you are working with. Do you also tour together or record together?
We know each other of university which we attended together in Straßbourg. We quickly became friends and roommates, we have played together for several times now and will go on tour this year!

Your album is called “Influenza”. How come?
With “Influenza” we mean the virus: That is what we wanted our music to be like it: A fever. We thought it was a cool name. When we started to work on the album the swine flu in Mexico started, you remember? it was really bad, many people were dying and also the financial crisis started, and everything was full of sadness. So we wanted to name our creation after this. As you can see and hear, the whole atmosphere of the album is very much inspired by Southamerica and its shapes.

What do “hope” and “passion” mean to 1984?
That is a tricky question! We just do what we want to do – that is hope for us. We want to create something. We never want to give up. Hope and passion help you to believe in yourself, and make you achieve what you believe in, even if its really hard.

interview by Alexander Hauer