Saint Lou LouOf all the songs that came to our head in the year 2012, only a few managed to stay inside our heads constantly for months. Maybe You is such a track and in conbination with the very stylish music video and its beautiful performers it kept – not only us at NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION – excited about what can be found behind the name SAY LOU LOU. A name that is new as well for the Twin sisters Elektra and Miranda since they went by the name SAINT LOU LOU until just recently. So, it’s new year and new name for these two – but names are not that important for them anyway, it seems, since they prefer to let their music do the talking and keep it up to the fantasy of the listener. And this music is full of tenderness and moments of pure pop bliss.

On this year’s Eurosonic Noorderslag the newcomers presented some more tracks from their highly anticipated debut album which hopefully see the release somewhere in 2013. And we can truly say that these tracks got a certain hit potential and are more than just some dreamy and floating pieces. Expect some beats as well and a lot of great melodies. We took this as chance and talked with the sisters about their music, their visual influences and how they managed to make the best out of the fact that they grew up in Australia and Sweden when they were kids.


Congratulations on your lovely performance at this year’s Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival. These showcase events are often quite stressful but also exciting. I can imagine that it is even more stress for a band. What’s your impression on this?
You’re right; it’s both stressful and exciting at the same time. Because the audience mainly consists of music industry people, there’s a lot of pressure to perform well and you are being compared to the bands that have performed before and after you. But all and all, it’s always thrilling to play, even more so in front of the experienced.


How would you describe the musical connection between the both of you? I can imagine that it is quite special as twin sisters.
We are very connected on pretty much all levels of being, so how we experience music is of course similar to the other’s. Writing and performing together is very smooth and natural because we are so synced. With that said, we are two different people with relatively different taste – we don’t agree on exactly everything.

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You seem to agree in your style and a certain aesthetic – f.e. you always tend to appeal in black/white.
Aesthetic and vibe is important, but second to what we are trying to do with the actual music. It should only complement and enhance what’s already there. So we try to match the visual vibe with the music. We got a very black and white, subtle visual feeling about Maybe You so we went with that. But we won’t be in black and white forever (laughs).


Do you have certain role models in terms of fashion and looks?
Not really, but inspiration. We like style that is effortless, timeless and sort of comfortable glamour. Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Rampling and Bianca Jagger have looked, and still look, gorgeous.


Although being twins you try to separate your looks. Is this intentional?
It started out being intentional when we were younger – we looked so alike that it was frustrating. Since then we haven’t really thought about it that much, though we’re happy people can tell us apart better…


SAY LOU LOU‘s music combines catchy melodies with a very dreamy sound – how do the songs get alive? How can we imagine the writing process?
Most often, we like the songs to work as a narrative. Sometimes our songs start with a beat from our producers Addeboy vs Cliff or sometimes we start with a story or melody. It’s different every time. But every song we make is produced by AvsC, they are definitely a part of our sound.


After releasing “Maybe You” last summer you seem to stay out of the main focus a bit. Other acts would have already released two more singles just to keep the buzz alive. Why did you choose a different way?
We wanted to take the time to do things properly and not rush everything. We don’t want to put music out for the sake of putting it out, we want to do it when it feels right.


When can we expect your debut album in 2013?
We have no set date, but it’s definitely in the making! Expect a melancholy pop record.


You’ve recently collaborated with electronica act GOLDROOM and provided vocals for his track “Sweetness Alive”. Is there any other producer/ electronic artist you would love to join as vocal performers?
Yes, we have some collaborations coming out in the near future. But it would be amazing to work with NICOLAS JAAR or JOHNNY JEWEL.


You’ve grown up constantly switching between Australia and Sweden. What does this mean in terms of a certain “feeling of home” for you?
Coming from two different places has most likely impacted our sound, as we have influences from two musical cultures. The impact is probably more subconscious to us, it’s not something we think about when we’re making music.


What’s typical Australian in you and what is typical Swedish for you?
In terms of traditions, morals and politics we are definitely Swedish, and our concept of the world is also very Swedish. But we’re talkative, social and overexcited like the Australians. The Swedes are very protective over their “personal space”; you have to plan all social interactions in advance. Australians are more chilled and open for spontaneity. We’re a bit more Australian in that respect.


We are all about hope and passion. What do these words mean to you, your music and your vision?
Both hope and passion are critical when you’re a musician. You hope that things will go your way, and that people will understand your vision. You need passion to keep creating music.