How would you describe yourself as a solo artist?
As PERRY O’PARSON I make music that is classic to folk or alternative country. As a teenager I started listening to RYAN ADAMS. Little by little I went back for decades, until I finally arrived at the good old DYLAN stuff. For a long time I have heard punk rock up and down and I loved it. I just enjoyed watching these live shows. A blend of the classic singer-songwriter music combined with the aggression of the old days is reflected in PERRY O’PARSON.

How did you come up with this pseudonym of yours?
The pseudonym comes from the book “In Cold Blood” by the American writer and actor TRUMAN CAPOTE. The name should be “The PERRY O’PARSON’s Orchestra” but as you can see PERRY O’PARSON is all that is left of it. On the first disc it said incidentally “PERRY O’PARSON and the little cats” because at the rehearsals were always a lot of cats at the window and have watched the band playing. Caterwauling!

How did you happen to make this kind of music that can be describes as American country or at least countryesque indie? Or would you describe it differently?
I think the genres fit quite well. I’m not one who claims that the music cannot be pigeonholed. Of course, a certain genre variation is present, which can be derived from the different songs. I think it is more appropriate a mixture of folk and alternative country.

Have you ever been to America? What do you like about the country?
I’m a really big America fan and I had the chance to go to the States for two weeks in 2008. I’ve been to California and it was really as I had imagined. Endless space, funky towns, and an incredible variety of landscapes. Grand Canyon: The moment I landed when I was there – I’ll never forget. Apart from the natural landscape, there are fabulous musicians who have shaped my musical mind very strongly.

Who provided you with potential musical input that contributed to your formation as musician, for example friends, live shows or certain magazines?
I visit indeed many live shows and had thus the opportunity to discover new musicians / bands that interest me stylistically. Otherwise I get much input from friends. Many of them listen to music that hits my taste, and therefore I can always expand my horizon.

Have you always wanted to become a musician? What were your dreams when you were younger?
In fact, I always wanted to become a musician. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a rock star. Between the age of 5 and 1, I was a big BON JOVI fan, which was the reason why I’ve bought an electric guitar (which I certainly have never learned to play) in second grade. For this reason, BON JOVI has actually triggered a positive effect on me. Gradually, I had more desire to work in radio or television network. Funnily enough this was only when I had already started to play concerts.

What does music mean to you? Is it most important in your life?
Of course you cannot compare music to family or friends. Nevertheless, for me music is more than just a hobby. It is actually a kind of remedy, which helps to forget certain things. It is also more than just a pastime, ‘cause music makes my time useful. When I play guitar, then I have the feeling of having done something good for me. Furthermore, it is simply wonderful to present one’s own music to an audience who appreciates the effort and the content of a song.

Looking back at the tour: What did you enjoy most, what was the nicest thing to experience?
There were so many wonderful things. I really had a lot of concerts where the audience enjoyed the music, just sat there and just listened. For me personally, these are the most beautiful concerts.

Now that you have just played this tour in Germany, in which European country would you like to tour next and why?
I really love Sweden and have a great desire to play a couple of shows there. Unfortunately, there are not too many big cities, so the tour would probably be limited to one weekend. I think I will tackle this sometime soon…

Your last album was released in October 2010. When can we expect a new record? What will it be like?
The new record is called Bad Harvest and will be released on 28.09.2012. There will be a big release party at the Substage in Karlsruhe. I am very happy with the recordings. It is definitely a step forward. The songs are more mature and diverse. On the new records you’ll find a loop-machine, a piano, a violin a.s.o. I think that the songs have grown in spirit and in general it is going into a melancholy direction. I’m really looking forward to the reactions.

In your songs, you deal a lot with emotions, feelings, and mood. What gives you inspiration to write such soulful music?
In principle, these are everyday things that drive everyone back. For example: There’s some illness in my family, it saddens me for months and I do my thinking about how everything will go on, what could happen and anyway what that person means to me. There are simple things that concern me in my little world. Music gives me the opportunity to understand certain things.

What is your future dream as musician or rather: will PERRY O’PARSON be your future?
I must say that I am very happy with how everything works. At the moment I see no reason why it should not go on the next ten years. I really like the DIY philosophy, and do a lot by myself but I think it won’t be bad to work with a booker or a management.

Last thing we would like to know: – what do the words “hope” and “passion” mean to you? What do you hope for and what are you passionate about?
Hope is of course something that should be in everyone. For me, this means a kind of engine or the drive to pursue something for which it is worth getting up in the morning. Passion is also something that everyone should carry. A total commitment to something. Passion is just the thing for which we like to forget the time, of which you dream or you are happy for weeks. Together they make for me a creative output. In my case, hope is the music itself; the passion is the cornea on the fingertip.


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